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General information

Swift Conservation Centre - is an environmental nongovernmental organization operating on the territory of three West Siberian regions: Tomsk and Novosibirsk region and Altai territory.

The first event was carried out by the organization in March of 2006. Since then conservation centre has implemented over 40 projects and contributed to the wildlife conservation more than 300000$.

Currently Swift CC has numerous contacts with public, governmental and for-profit organizations, which enables to promote environmental ideas in the most diverse areas of public life.  

Our Conservation Programmes

  • Rare species and their habitats.
  • Key Biodiversity Areas of Western Siberia.
  • Youth Programme.

Areas of focus

  • Protection, restoring and studying of species and their habitats.
  • Improving the protection status of biodiversity key sites: development and support of protected areas, temporary limitation of the economic activity, evaluation of threats and negative impacts and so on.
  • Perfection of the environmental legislation.
  • Establishment and support initiative conservation groups.
  • Stopping and prevention of environmental legislation violation cases.
  • Training and education young leaders to conservation activities.


Conservation of wild nature and its components by means of formation of ecological thinking among population, introduction of novel approaches and education of young leaders.

To become the leading non-government organization on conservation of wild nature in Western Siberia.